Voluntary National Tests

Appraising the Clinton Education Plan (March 13, 1997) Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Case for a National Test ERIC Digest 1991
Case against a National Test ERIC Digest 1991
National Tests Will Hurt, Not Help, Educational Improvement Laura Barrett and Monty Neill
Cost of a National Test GAO summarized by ERIC/AE, 1993
Who is this test for? Lawrence M. Rudner (op-ed)
National Standard, Yes; National Test, No! Lyle V. Jones (op-ed)
National Tests and Education Reform: Are They Compatible? Lyle V. Jones
Key web sites
Home School Legal Defense Association (strong opposition)
U.S. Department of Education Webpage
House Committee on Education and the Workforce Voluntary Testing Page (opposition)
The Consortium for Equity in Standards and Testing
National Research Council Board on Testing and Assessment Views of many top measurement experts.
Newspaper and journal articles
Search the recent popular press via Excite
Search Education Week
Washington Post's National Education Tests Special Report - Offers an introduction to the issues as well as links to reports and editorials.

Other articles in the press

FairTest Examiner Editorial (1997)
THE EDITORS: Getting Testy The New Republic, The Editors, Sept. 9, 1997
Riley Delays National Tests' Development Ed Week Millicent Lawton Oct 1, 1997

AERA-D Listserv Thread 10/18 - 10/23/97 49 posts

Resources for contacting Congress

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