Select World Wide Web Sites

Introductions to the WWW

Internet 101
This multiple-award-winning site offers strictly an overview of the basics, in plain-spoken language for non-technically-oriented novices. You may especially like its glossary of Basic Terminology.

The HelpWeb - A Guide To Getting Started on the Internet by Imaginary Landscape
This very friendly Internet introduction offers a particularly good Consumer's Guide to Search Engines. We also recommend the entire sections entitled Search Engine Secrets Revealed, and Evaluating Resources.

Tools for the Internet Trainer by the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA)
Training modules designed by librarians for librarians to support Internic's 15 Minute Series; however, these modules are equally usable by end-users.

Beginner's Guide - Life on the Internet by Cochran Entertainment
Recommended because of its comparative analysis of search engines' features and because of its section on Applications, which offers guides to all Internet services. Especially see:

Search Engines Covers general techniques, subject indexes, and specific search engines, including meta-search engines; and,
EMail Covers e-mail software, e-mail guides, and finding e-mail addresses.

Finding Information on the Internet - A Tutorial by Teaching Library Internet Workshops ,University of California, Berkeley
Only peruse the Tutorial Table of Contents to discern how useful this guide is.

General Reference Resources

Remember, these references are for online resources only:

Yahoo's Index: Reference

The Internet Public Library: Reference Center

Mapquest Maps, trip-tiks.

Internet Travel Network Book airline reservations via Apollo.

Classified ads

DC City pages


Some top k-12 sites Prepared 1/96, some links may not work.

Listserv (or, Discussion List) Finders


Liszt, the mailing list directory

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

WWW Subject Directories


The Argus Clearinghouse


The WWW Virtual Library [Hint: Choose one of the hierarchical classifications rather than use the alphabetical listing to which this site defaults.]

Britannica Internet Guide

Search Engines:

For guidance on search engines:

WWW Search Engines by Karen Thomas of ERIC/AE
Search engines defined, plus a good overview of searching techniques.

Search Engines from Cochran Entertainment's Life on the Internet
Covers general techniques, subject indexes, and specific search engines, including meta-search engines.

Searching the World Wide Web: Strategies, Analyzing your topic, Choosing search tools by Teaching Library Internet Workshops, University of California, Berkeley
Links to various metasearch engines and individual search engines, replete with instructions, or links thereunto.

Two Examples of Search Engines


Not as many listings as others, but frequently yields good hits.

ERIC Resources

ERIC System Homepage by Access ERIC of Aspen Systems Corp.
Links to our U.S. Department of Education sponsors, including the National Library of Education, as well as all ERIC clearinghouses, and ERIC online services and products.

Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (ERIC/AE)

AskERIC is the ERIC system's online reference service for practitioners, parents, and researchers. See its Virtual Library now; in the future, expect to use the Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM), a comprehensive, searchable database of online lesson plans.

ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS)
Full-text, online delivery of ERIC documents are now available!

HTML Guides

Berkeley Digital Library SunSite
A Basic Set of HTML Tags

2. [Last Modified: 7 December 1995, but still really good]
Sandia National Laboratories
HTML Elements List

above is part of:

Sandia National Laboratories
HTML Reference Manual

3. [good explanatory annotations for commands]
NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML

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