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Learn to Draw

Not everyone is a born artist. This is why many people turn to tracing when they find it difficult to draw a picture. Artists have a different perception about tracing pictures, but as long as it is not done mindlessly, you should not be discouraged from tracing pictures.

Tracing is a drawing method that will help you get the hang and knack of drawing pictures. You can start to learn to draw by tracing. There are many drawing books with tracing paper to help you draw your first few pictures.

However, after you complete tracing your pictures, you will realize that you will get more satisfaction from your drawings if you do them on your own, through freehand drawing. With tracing, you find that you can see a drawing. And it is only after you learn how to memorize what you see in a drawing that you will be able to draw almost anything you wish.

There are different techniques you can use to learn to draw. It is better for you to try all the different methods to find out which method fits you the best. Generally, different people tend to have different techniques of their own when it comes to drawing. You have to use a drawing method that you are comfortable with, something that will make you enjoy drawing.

There is no fixed way for you to learn to draw. This holds true for as long as you dont get too dependent on tracing. Drawing and tracing are two different entities altogether, and you will have to depart from tracing if you wish to pursue drawing seriously

You have to experiment to find your drawing touch. The best way to start experimenting is by copying simple line drawings and then moving on to curves and other pictures. Remember the secret to learn to draw is practice, and you have to practice constantly so that your hand can create wonders through drawing.

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