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Learn HTML

HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a form of programming language that is used to make web pages on the internet viewable. So it can be said that it is because of HTML that web pages are interesting to look at, but the importance of HTML is often taken for granted.

Prior to the introduction of HTML, the designing of a web page was limited to a notepad and the use of your imagination. As there were no HTML editors, web developers had to learn a coding language by going to school, which was a rather tedious and lengthy procedure. The first HTML editor was Nexus, which was written by Tim Berners Lee in Object C. However, when compared to todays standards of HTML, Nexus is considered rather primitive.

With the introduction of HTML code, there was no need to type in HTML from scratch. Since then, many HTML editors have emerged, and the most popular ones today are Front Page and Dreamweaver. Though these editors have their pros and cons, they are both very efficient when it comes to HTML coding

Why is it important to learn HTML? Although HTML editors are supposed to do the necessary HTML coding, you have to remember that that they are not perfect and can make mistakes. This is the main reason why you have to learn HTML. You have to make adjustments when the HTML editors put in unnecessary codes and do your own HTML coding in case they crash. Sometimes, you may also face situations where the editor does not provide what you seek. When this happens, you can work to reach your desired solutions if you know HTML.

If you dont learn HTML, you have to either be content with what the editor gives you or find someone who knows HTML and pay them for their HTML coding services. The best thing to do is to learn HTML, so that you can create the perfect web page for yourself, without having to pay others for it.

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