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Learn Japanese

Many people think that it is difficult to learn Japanese because they feel that there are too many Japanese characters to memorize. The idea most people get about learning Japanese is hours spent slogging away in front of a pile of text books until the language is mastered. However, if you change your learning method, you can actually enjoy learning Japanese.

The best and easiest way to learn Japanese is to ditch your text books. Instead of learning Japanese with the read and repeat, practice and forget methods, all you need is a pen, a piece of paper and clear space on your desk.

With this done, you will have to fill the piece of paper with all the Japanese characters you want to learn quickly. The next step requires you to make mnemonics of these characters. In this case, a mnemonic is a symbol that can help you remember a specific Japanese character easily, or rather it is an image that is associated with a particular Japanese character. With these associations between Japanese characters and mnemonics, you will find it easy to recall words.

Once you have collected mnemonics for your Japanese characters, you have to concentrate on the associations that you have created. Just by looking at these images, your brain finds it easier to recollect and memorize the Japanese characters.

With a fairly good understanding of Japanese characters and words, you can now concentrate on learning to speak Japanese. There are three different alphabets used in the Japanese language that make it a rather difficult language to learn. However, this only applies to the writing; you will find it easier to speak Japanese as you expand your vocabulary. As in all things, you will need lots of practice to succeed.

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and make more Japanese friends, so that you can practice conversing in Japanese. With enough interest and commitment, you will find that Japanese is not truly a very difficult language to learn.

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