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 2003 Recommendations for Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics  Moskal, Barbara M. Viewed 1,168 times since 5/29/03.
 2003 Vertical Equating for State Assessments: Issues and Solutions in Determination of Adequate Yearly Progress and School Accountability   Lissitz, Robert W. & Huynh Huynh Viewed 1,050 times since 4/30/03.
 2002 The Concept of Formative Assessment  Boston, Carol Viewed 14,635 times since 8/6/02.
 2002 Evaluating Classroom Communication: In Support of Emergent and Authentic Frameworks in Second Language Assessment  Mantero, Miguel Viewed 5,076 times since 7/25/02.
 2002 Linguistic Simplification: A Promising Test Accommodation for LEP Students?  Stansfield, Charles W. Viewed 2,722 times since 7/23/02.
 2002 Language ability assessment of Spanish-English bilinguals: Future directions  Kester, Ellen Stubbe and Elizabeth D. Peņa Viewed 5,534 times since 5/18/02.
 2001 An overview of three approaches to scoring written essays by computer  Rudner, Lawrence and Phill Gagne Viewed 5,816 times since 12/12/01.
 2001 Designing scoring rubrics for your classroom  Mertler, Craig A. Viewed 15,599 times since 12/11/01.
 2001 Consequences of (mis)use of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) for high-stakes decisions: A comment on Haney and the Texas miracle in education  Kellow, J. Thomas & Victor L. Willson Viewed 4,370 times since 12/7/01.
 2001 Effects of Removing the Time Limit on First and Second Language Intelligence Test Performance  Mullane, Jennifer & Stuart J. McKelvie Viewed 5,671 times since 11/6/01.
 2001 Alignment of standards and assessments as an accountability criterion  La Marca, Paul M. Viewed 10,887 times since 9/17/01.
 2001 The stability of undergraduate students' cognitive test anxiety levels  Cassady, Jerrell C. Viewed 8,436 times since 8/23/01.
 2001 Replication: A Design Principle for Field Research  Schafer, William D. Viewed 4,973 times since 4/18/01.
 2001 Computing the expected proportions of misclassified examinees  Rudner, Lawrence M. Viewed 3,350 times since 3/30/01.
 2001 Assessments and Accountability (Condensed version).  Linn, Robert L. Viewed 18,046 times since 1/16/01.
 2000 Scoring Rubric Development: Validity and Reliability  Moskal, Barbara M. & Jon A. Leydens Viewed 20,734 times since 11/6/00.
 2000 Using Expected Growth Size Estimates to Summarize Test Score Changes.  Russell, Michael Viewed 4,905 times since 5/26/00.
 2000 Summarizing Change in Test Scores: Shortcomings of Three Common Methods.  Russell, Michael Viewed 8,269 times since 5/26/00.
 2000 Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?  Moskal, Barbara M. Viewed 51,359 times since 3/29/00.
 1999 Strategies for Improving the Process of Educational Assessment  Matter, M. Kevin Viewed 22,474 times since 11/13/99.
 1998 Item Banking.  Rudner, Lawrence Viewed 7,345 times since 11/13/99.
 1996 Guidelines for the Development and Management of Performance Assessments.  Roeber, Edward D. Viewed 23,502 times since 11/13/99.
 1996 Eight Questions about Implementing Standards-Based Education.  Marzano, Robert J. Viewed 17,223 times since 11/13/99.
 1996 Norm- and Criterion-Referenced Testing.  Bond, Linda A. Viewed 29,585 times since 11/13/99.
 1995 More Multiple-Choice Item Writing Do's and Don'ts.  Frary, Robert B. Viewed 12,739 times since 11/13/99.
 1995 Basic Item Analysis for Multiple-Choice Tests.  Kehoe, Jerard Viewed 13,240 times since 11/13/99.
 1995 Writing Multiple-Choice Test Items.  Kehoe, Jerard Viewed 14,475 times since 11/13/99.
 1995 Item Bias Review.  Hambleton, Ronald & Rodgers, Jane Viewed 10,710 times since 11/13/99.
 1994 Questions To Ask When Evaluating Tests.  Rudner, Lawrence M. Viewed 24,579 times since 11/13/99.
 1992 A Precedent for Test Validation.  Rudner, Lawrence & Farris, Michael P. Viewed 5,854 times since 11/13/99.
 1992 Assessing Language-Minority Students.  Geisinger, Kurt F. & Carlson, Janet F. Viewed 14,552 times since 11/13/99.
 1991 Steps in Designing an Indicator System.  Shavelson, Richard J. & McDonnell, L. & J. Oakes Viewed 8,258 times since 11/13/99.
 1991 What Are Educational Indicators and Indicator Systems?  Shavelson, Richard J. & McDonnell, L. & J. Oakes Viewed 8,330 times since 11/13/99.
 1989 Preparing Students To Take Standardized Achievement Tests.  Mehrens, William A. Viewed 12,779 times since 11/13/99.
 1989 Writing RFPs for Assessment Programs.  Aschbacher, Pamela E. Viewed 7,654 times since 11/13/99.