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Topics Adult & Vocational Education | Assessment | Community Colleges | Counselling & Guidance | Exceptional Children | Higher Education | Information Technology | Reading | Rural Education | Teacher Education

Adult & Vocational Education (Judy Wagner, ERIC Clearinghouse on on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education)

Benefits of secondary vocational education
Women and Literacy
Career change for adults
Vocational Teacher Education


Assessment, Evaluation, & Learning Theory (Liselle Drake, Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation)

Grading Systems - An Overview
Weighted Grading Systems
Portfolios for Student Evaluation in Elementary Secondary Education
Portfolios for Teacher Evaluation/Teaching

Block Scheduling
Homework - Extant Policies and Recommended Best Practices
Multiple Intelligences - The Theory and its Implications for Student Evaluation
Reflective Practice in Teaching

Community and Junior Colleges (Elizabeth Foote, ERIC Clearinghouse on Community Colleges)

Remediation in community colleges
Job training in community colleges
Diversity in community colleges
Adult and continuing education in community colleges
New technologies in community college classrooms

Community college transfer
Student Services in Community Colleges
Future of Community Colleges
Distance Education and Community Colleges
Educational Outcomes at Community Colleges

Counselling and Guidance (Jillian Barr Joncas, ERIC Clearinghouse on Counseling and Student Services)

Counseling high school students for school to work transitions
The role of counseling in K-12 Conflict Resolution
School violence prevention
Group counseling for students with behavior problems
Intervention techniques for working with youth gangs

Childhood bullying and teasing
Counselor certification and licensure
Mentoring at-risk youth
Ethics in counseling
Substance abuse counseling programs

Cultural diversity and counseling implications
Adolescent suicide prevention
Peer counseling program
Grief counseling in the schools

Exceptional Children (Bernadette Knoblauch, ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education)

Ability grouping for gifted students
Teaching strategies & children with disabilities in inclusive classrooms
Identification of minority gifted children
Models for teaching gifted children

Higher Education (Patricia Wood, ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education)

Learning disabilities and higher education
College Choice
Faculty tenure issues
College student retention issues

Information Technology (Darci Baker, ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology)

Web Design Principles
Teacher Technology Skills
The Internet and Student Motivation
Technology Grants
Role of Paraprofessionals in Libraries

Gender's Effect on Computer Use/Effectiveness of Educational Technology
Activities for Using the Internet in the K-12 Environment
Technology Training for Teachers
Research on Visual Literacy in Higher Education
Purpose of the School Library Media Center in K-12 in the Future

Reading (Mardziah Hayati Abdullah, ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication)

Adolescent Literature
Childrens Literature
Language Arts Instruction - A Thematic Approach
Multicultural Literature - Book Reviews
Teaching with Dr. Seuss books

At-risk Students - Policies and Definitions
At-risk Students - Effective practices
Attention Deficit Students - Effective Teaching Practices
Homeschooling - Resources and Ideas
Adult Literacy Programs and Projects

History of American Public Education
Literacy Rates in the United States

Rural Education (Craig Howley, ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools)

Programs for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Canada Native youth
Involvement of Mexican American parents
Dropout prevention and retrieval programming for migrant students
Classroom instruction (reading, writing, math, science) and outdoor activities
Small schools and student achievement (literature reviews)

Small schools literature for urban educators
Professional development in rural schools
Six common threats (risk factors among) native populations
Native students (American Indians, Canada Natives, Alaska Natives) and higher education
Rural Pincipals and Superintendents
Rural school facility needs and related issues

Teaching and Education (Judy A. Beck, ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching & Teacher Education)

AIDS Education in Grades K-12
Effectiveness of Mentors in Beginning Teacher Induction
Professionalization of Teaching in the Context of School Reform
Use of Case Studies in Preservice Teacher Education

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