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Psychology Degree

When people think about going to college and earning a psychology degree, they usually assume they will end up working with people. To most people, having a psychology degree means a person works counseling people who are experience problems in their life. However, there are other facets of the field of psychology, involving collecting data, conducting research and analyzing human behavior.

People who have a psychology degree and specialize in research psychology study human behavior and the human thought process. Research psychologists design studies, collect data and analyze results. They attempt to determine what motivates people to act as they do. Based on the findings of their research, these psychologists present theories which are often published in professional journals. Research psychologists also present their findings at conferences and other gatherings of their peers.

Applied psychologists work in many different settings. They usually focus on ways increase the intellectual and emotional growth and potential of others. These psychologists help teachers find ways to work with students and may assess the educational potential of students. Applied psychologists may also work in human services and assist other professionals in determining the psychological effects of societal factors such as poverty, culture, race on people in a community. They then offer insight to people such as social workers, community nurses, child welfare workers, etc. On effective ways to reach people influenced by the stressors. Applied psychologists apply psychological theories to real life cases.

Clinical psychologists are people who usually work with individuals, small groups or families on addressing specific problems which are interfering with their lives. Clinical psychologists administer psychological tests, interview patients and develop individualized treatment plans for clients. Clinical psychologists may be part of a health organization, clinic or may be in an independent practice.

In almost all cases, working in the field of psychology requires a minimum of a masters degree in the field.

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