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Careers in Travel and Tourism

Careers in travel and tourism that take you to exotic locations can be exciting; but along with the glamorous thoughts of adventure and intrigue may come some personal repercussions. A career that will take someone around the world and back may adversely impact your relationships. Keep some of the following considerations in mind as you plan for your career path:

1.Relationships require time. Whether the relationships are with family members or with a romantic partner, time is needed to grow these experiences into a meaningful bond. Those bonds developed can become a firm foundation when the life gets difficult.

2.Sharing time with family members is important. Having one of the various careers in travel and tourism offers a new day everyday, so you may never experience the monotony of an on site profession. However, think of the opportunities to share these exotic adventures with family members. The weekly ballgames, weddings, baby showers - the list of lifes little events is endless, and family life goes on whether you are there to witness it or not. Be aware of how important these events are in maintaining good family relationships.

3.Establishing supportive relationships outside of the work environment is a must. Good job relationships are crucial, but working with fellow workers is sometimes difficult. Having that support group outside of work can provide an avenue of relief when you need to vent. Too much gossip with fellow workers has a tendency to create cliques and division within the workplace, so be wise about how you choose to vent with your coworkers! Support during a crisis is important, and it is difficult to grow a truly supportive relationship during long periods of absence.

4.A long term romantic relationship usually requires consistency. If consistency is not established, there is a possibility of instability between life partners. The all too brief fun times together can become a faade without substantive experiences to lay a relational foundation. Decide how important that person is and whether risking your relationship is worth the excitement of a career in travel and tourism.

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