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Child Day Care Certificates

Child day care certificates are received by individuals who wish to work in a day care environment, or possibly by someone who is planning to start a sizeable in-home day care. Most day cares are registered and only hire workers who are certified. When an individual qualifies for a child day care certificate, they have the opportunity to learn several invaluable skills. One critical skill to possess is the ability to use procedures to identify developmental strengths and weaknesses in children.

Children usually do not begin to exhibit learning disabilities and behavioral problems when they enter public school. Instead, the developmental problems and behaviors are exhibited during the day care years before entering school. Competing the requirements for child day care certificates prepare individuals to address these needs of underdeveloped children in a less formal setting than the public school.

Before being certified, day care workers learn about the important developmental strengths and weaknesses and how to identify areas of concern. Once a worker observes a potential issue, they may use informal observations, use of qualified professionals or standardized tests to confirm their suspicions. Workers may notice problems in the following areas:

Motor Skills
After watching children manipulate small objects and toys, it may become evident that a child is having difficulty with motor skills and/or coordination. Sometimes it may become necessary to have a physical therapist or an occupational therapist to administer an assessment to help identify the problem.

Language Skills
Young children develop the use of language at different rates, but when there is an articulation, voice or fluency problem, it usually requires a speech therapist to identify whether speech classes will be beneficial or if the child is progressing at an acceptable rate.

Cognitive/Intellectual Skills
Identifying whether a child is processing and understanding concepts effectively is usually difficult. The older the child is, the more evident a gap may show between ability and achievement. Sometimes it is necessary to wait for the child to enter school before standardized assessments can be made.

Social or Emotional Skills
Social skills change according to the childs development level. The ability to get along with others and to share are usually good indicators for adequate social adjustment. When a child reacts with uncontrollable emotionslike anger, sulking, or withdrawalit is sometimes difficult to know if the child is just overly sensitive or if the child has an emotional disturbance that needs to be addressed. A psychiatrists evaluation may be needed.

Child day care certificates are issued usually after individuals have learned several areas of child development, worked in a day care setting, and have successfully completed a battery of tests. The knowledge that the child day care workers should possess and be able to utilize is invaluable to ensure the emotional and physical health of the children in their care.

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