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Special Education

Being a special education teacher is both rewarding and challenging. Before you can reap the rewards part being a special education teacher, you will have to face the challenges in becoming one.

Special education is not for everyone. Teachers for general education can be suitable for many people but a teacher in general education may not be suitable as a special education teacher. Remember that youll be dealing with special kids. Most of them will require not only patience but constant understanding guidance. Special education teachers usually work alone so they have to figure out on what to do to a specific student on their own.

Aside from emotional requirements and values for being a teacher, special training is also a requirement. In the US, all states require a special examination in order for special education teachers to be issued with a license. Thats the only way you can teach special children. Special education usually comes after you complete your general education. However, there is a scarcity of teachers in the country so most of the educators get this course as a special program while they are still in school.

After you complete your special education requirements, you can now reap the rewards of being one. While the need of teachers in the country is big, the need for special education teachers is far greater. After you graduate, youll probably land a job as a special education teacher in public schools. At least 90% of the teachers in this field are teaching in public schools, 5% of them are in private institutions, while a very small percentage of special education teachers work in a hospital and other health care institutions.

The opportunity of being a special education teacher is rewarding. Even with all the challenges that confront a special education teacher, it will be all worth it when you see how you are touching the lives of special students in your care.

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