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American Education

American education is provided to its citizens free of cost. This free education has proven, ironically, to be quite costly to some people based on who they are or where they live. From the beginning, American politicians have tried to provide a system of education that will allow all people to be able to receive an equal quality education. After many years of discrepancy from state to state and even from city to city, it was determined that this ideology was not reality.

The American education system subsequently went through a change. As the federal government began to confront some of the issuessuch as in the Brown vs. Board of Education which prohibited segregation of public schoolsit embarked upon a seemingly never ending struggle to reduce inequalities in the American educational system. While not everyone has always been happy about the intrusion of the federal government into the rights of states to run their own educational systems, the end result has been that there is a renewed focus on the quality of education provided to Americas children.

It has become necessary for the federal government to create federal laws in order to solidify the fidelity of teaching in states. These laws have become an essential part of the American government system of checks and balances. No longer is the excellence of American education taken for granted by educators or parents, instead many school districts are being forced to recognize their own shortcomings and to focus on improving how they serve their students.

One major piece of legislation that has come about as a result of this focus on educational improvement is the No Child Left Behind bill. Students are now required to pass assessments to document that they are learning the skills needed to read, to complete math computations, understand science and to know social sciences. These assessments work to ensure that students are receiving a comparable education from state to state.

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