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Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect peoples ability to read and write. Generally, these problems can make it more difficult for a person to learn because they will slow down his or her ability to grasp concepts and express effectively. Learning disabilities first show up when a person has difficulty talking, reading or writing, figuring out math problems, communicating with people, or paying attention in class.

Dyslexia and dyscalculia are the two most common types of learning disabilities. People with dyslexia tend to mix up or reverse letters while reading and writing. This problem occurs in the brain, where messages sometimes get jumbled up or confused when the brain is trying to receive them. A person might get frustrated and find it hard to do certain tasks. Difficulties in organization, time management and prioritizing tasks, and short attention span are other symptoms of dyslexia. People who have dyscalculia have difficulty understanding and using math concepts and symbols.

Learning disabilities can be caused by many factors, from hereditary to environmental. In most cases, people with learning disabilities develop the condition during the prenatal stage or early childhood. Many of them are born of mothers who used alcohol or drugs during pregnancy while others are victims of delivery accidents and childhood trauma. Certain illnesses such as asthma and diabetes also contribute to the occurrence of learning disabilities.

Learning disabilities are hard to cope with, especially if they are undiagnosed. They affect people who have them, as well as those who teach, work with, or live with them. Educating people with learning disabilities require a lot of patience and care. There are courses available to teach parents how to deal with children with learning disabilities.

There is no cure for learning disabilities and you do not outgrow it. But it is never too late to seek help as there are many ways that can help a person with learning disabilities lead a normal life and accomplish his or her dreams in life.

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