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Evaluating Self-Assessment as a Means of Professional Development.

Crotty, Teri; O'Keefe, Russell

Abstract: This study examined the use of self-assessment in teacher education. Students in a graduate educational psychology course (all of whom were teachers or counselors) documented and presented a self-assessment portfolio of their learning experiences. They were instructed to be as creative as possible. The presentations of their self-assessment portfolios were videotaped and later analyzed to design a method for providing more explicit, consistent, objective, and evaluative feedback. Two graduate assistants viewed the videotapes and generated a list of behaviors that fit into a given definition of self-assessment. They used the resulting list of behaviors to create a self-assessment evaluation tool. The videotapes were reviewed independently, and each portfolio presentation was scored by the two graduate assistants and the course professor. The group shared their independent scoring and made adaptations to the behavior list. What resulted after the third viewing of the tapes and adapting of the behavior list was a rubric with five ratings: displays ongoing reflective thought, applies what has been learned, seeks feedback from various sources, takes control of learning, and student gains confidence. The paper concludes with recommendations that emerged after analyzing the videotapes. Many of the recommendations came from the graduate students as they described the process of compiling their portfolios. (Contains 10 references.) (SM)

Title: Evaluating Self-Assessment as a Means of Professional Development.
Author: Crotty, Teri; O'Keefe, Russell
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Reports--research (143)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Teachers
ERIC Identifier: ED432563
Clearinghouse Identifier: SP038686
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Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Methods; Graduate Students; Graduate Study; Higher Education; Inservice Teacher Education; * Portfolio Assessment; * Preservice Teacher Education; * Self Evaluation [Individuals]; Teacher Improvement

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